How we are

Elmam story started in 2006. At that time,
we established ExcelSoft, a company specialized in
web solutions, Internet portals and Intranet Solutions.

Elmam story started in 2006. 

At that time,we established ExcelSoft, a company specialized in web solutions, Internet portals and Intranet Solutions.

During that time, we have used our years of personal experience, professional experience and talents to become a professional web solutions firm providing solutions to wide spectrum of clients and serving different business lines.

All over these years, we have kept pace with new technologies and solutions to cope with the market needs. We have invested in our employees, we hired and trained the right people, with the necessary skills in all areas of business, marketing, technology, information architecture and
creative design. Our people are multi skilled and cross-disciplined, providing more customer-focused products for our clients.

On 2023, and as we decided to have new business lines within our offerings, including Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Creation, Mobile Solutions and Creative Design, we decided it is the time to launch our new identity as Elmam!

Elmam is a pioneer, customer centric and technology-driven IT company specialized in Branding, Digital Marketing, User Experience and User Journey, Creative Design and Mobile Development. We are proudly serving clients in Jordan and all-over Middle East with extremely high client satisfaction factor. In a nutshell, Elmam is established to help your business to grow and support you to serve your audience better.

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Our vision

Providing high quality, easy to use IT Solutions to the World


To be one of the leading suppliers of IT Solutions to small and medium-sized customers in Jordan and Emerging Countries”


Our core values are what really drive our business. At Excelsoft ,we continually struggle to make our core values visible in every portion of our business.


Through high quality products and services.

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